History About 2852


Every year since 2009 students from Denis Morris Catholic High School in St. Catharines begin the school year in anticipation of the coming FIRST Robotics season. The DM High Voltage team is a combination of students and industry mentors working together in developing, building and programming a robot to solve a problem that changes every year.

DM High Voltage Robotics offers students the opportunity to get involved in marketing, business development, communications, design, fabrication, CAD, scouting, programming, and multimedia projects as they develop their skills and have fun.

Along with students being inspired, engineers, parents, and teachers are having fun while sharpening their design, teaching and leadership skills. This group of mentors works closely together and learn from one another.

Through local business partners and community involvement, the team has flourished, competing at an international level in FIRST Robotics competitions. The gracious donations and support from businesses have allowed us to purchase materials, supplies, and cover travel expenses and most importantly work with industry experts from many fields. While our benefactors have benefited from exposure on the robot and team t-shirts which has been displayed at the competitions and at local community events, we have benefited from the experience that will last a lifetime; FIRST Robotics Competitions.